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Waves Mania City Visit the City
Waves Mania City is totally built in the Waves blockchain. You can create, buy and develop your own property in the City. City Block development revenues are mass distributed over the property creators and owners in the city block (50 x 2% = 100% distribution). Join this novelty game!
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MyTrackNet Read more
MyTrackNet is a global lost and found platform incorporating an innovative reward mechanism into the network.
75 votes
Waves World Read more
Waves World is an incentive based ecosystem. Waves World Token is a Reward given for value added contributions to the community, or leasing to the Waves World node. Our services are designed to engage and reward both our direct supporters and beyond.
57 votes
Blockscart qualified Read more
Blockscart is a global marketplace where users can buy or sell goods and services with Cryptocurrency. NOW LIVE!!
54 votes
BeeHive Read more
Adopt a bee family - allows you to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of helping bee families, as adoptive hive parent.
30 votes
Crypto Toolbox Read more
Crypto Toolbox is the utility token used for the purchase of our crypto related tools. We are continually expanding our tool set to help crypto currency enthusiasts through automation and technology.
27 votes
Signature Chain Read more
Signature Chain’s primary goal is to develop a platform allowing the certification of documents and will serve a use to every type of document and file.
24 votes
Redfishcoin Read more
A verified Waves Assets of Steemit Redfish Community. In a way of giving back support to the community, REDFISH became a path both P2P transaction, rewards and shares. By holding minimum of 100 REDFISH, you will earn 3%-10% monthly steemit shares
14 votes
CoffeeCoin qualified Read more
Blockchain Efficiency For The Specialty Coffee Trade. Buy fresh roasted coffee for COF directly from our Website.
13 votes
KOLIN Read more
The Kolin platform was created for becoming a bridge between different cultures, languages and also to ease access to education. Thus, Kolin platform will become an agent of change by creating the first decentralized centre for translation and information exchange.
10 votes
iQCash Read more
Incentivized education and brain training. Solve iQ Puzzles to earn iQCash.
9 votes
Trading Game Competition
Prize pot: 1.5K WMUT
Time left
700 WMUT
500 WMUT
300 WMUT
Top 5 Players Score Trend Date
svg-image cucicucacu 5,278 1,000 1,519 2,180 3,415 5,278 2019-03-19
svg-image luhutsdb 5,121 1,000 1,502 2,324 3,291 5,121 2019-03-22
svg-image emiliacb 5,105 992 1,555 2,495 3,392 5,105 2019-03-24
svg-image mantovanitb 4,972 1,000 1,569 2,371 3,415 4,972 2019-03-22
svg-image micinz 4,907 994 1,413 2,200 3,302 4,907 2019-03-22
Games 249 / Players 22
Agenda Scores
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Blockscart referral program Visit
Earn Cryptocurrency for helping Blockscart expand and grow.
VISO - 500 VITO token challenge Visit
Perform some tasks to get 500 VITO in your Waves Wallet. Find out more in the VISO telegram group.
INSTANTCOIN - exchange listing voting bonus! Visit
Vote for INSTANTCOIN to get listed on 2 exchanges and earn 10 INSTANTCOIN.