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KOLIN Read more
The Kolin platform was created for becoming a bridge between different cultures, languages and also to ease access to education. Thus, Kolin platform will become an agent of change by creating the first decentralized centre for translation and information exchange.
10 votes
LIGA Read more
We want to introduce to you our idea of tokenizing any big sport event with Waves Platform. The idea is to combine suspense we get while watching some big sport event with crypto trading logic.
7 votes
Viso Read more
VISO is a payment system that combines cryptocurrency and generally accepted payment cards and terminals into a single environment.
6 votes
Coincierge Club Read more
Coincierge Club offers very unique products (Club, Wallet and Pro), designed to interact with each other, yet provide value independently.
6 votes
TheGreatCoin Read more
The Decentralised Global Store Value System Backed By Tangible Assets Through Tokenization of Companies and Real Estates All Over The World
6 votes
WAXEX Read more
Simple deposits from your bank account give you direct access to the Waves Platform Decentralized Exchange (also known as Dex) through the WAXEX gateways. Simple, Safe, Convenient.
5 votes
ORGT Read more
ORGT is a lifestyle marketplace token that evolved out of the Organic Token Project! We promote healthy lifestyle and work like minded businesses that accept our token and those who share our values. We are also welcome projects to OrgtAlliance!
2 votes
iC2S Music Rewards Read more
iC2S: Music Rewards Program! Reward Fans! Give Your Fans Exclusive Rewards & Merchandise! Let Them Save Tokens Up To Get Great Prizes! VIP Skype Calls! Exclusive Merchandise (T-Shirts,Hats,Ect)! Private Concert's & Much More!
2 votes
Xandereum Read more
Xandereum is the native token for the Xanderian Institute— an online educational institute.
2 votes
Auctionlance Read more
Auctionlance is a P2P freelance platform where clients connect to freelancers smartly. Smart connect | smart contract | smart pay
2 votes
Trading Game Competition
Prize pot: 600 WMUT
Time left
300 WMUT
200 WMUT
100 WMUT
Top 5 Players Score Trend Date
KhAngReicy 5,504 1,000 1,459 2,365 3,745 5,504 2019-04-19
abazto 4,372 1,000 1,644 2,308 3,712 4,372 2019-04-15
svg-imageMuddflap 4,284 998 1,373 2,114 2,868 4,284 2019-04-19
AaronSyaiful 4,085 1,000 1,528 1,915 2,989 4,085 2019-04-15
micinz 3,235 1,000 1,471 1,809 2,354 3,235 2019-04-13
Games 45 / Players 14
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