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Relay Read more
RELAY offers services to combine the technology provided by Blockchain with the needs of the Manufacturing Industry
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MoonBounties Token Read more
MoonBounties token is made with the purpose to reward the loyalty of all those that were with us from the beginning. Each person that owns MoonBounties token will get 1 percent bonus in EVERY bounty campaign he/she decides to participate.
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Soltanes Read more
Soltanes is a complementary currency generated by people’s contributions to community building projects. Soltanes is built on the truth that everyone has a need that anyone can meet.
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Tokes Read more
The Tokes Platform provides blockchain solutions for the cannabis industry.
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WavesHome Club Read more
Projects based on the Waves blockchain. Lotteries, bets, informers, utilities and tools for working with Waves platform.
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Incent QUALIFIED Read more
Incent is a universal rewards program like no other. It's a reward that you can earn instantly, has no restrictions with the reward value redeemable anywhere.
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ForFun coin Read more
Community token with benefits for holders
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Monstrance Digital Art Studio Read more
We specialize in video-post production, web design, graphic design, animation, photography and copy writing.
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Sportcash One Read more
Our project is a Platform for sport industry with safe transaction secured by a blockchain system, a Multivendor shop, a social network and a crowfunding are the fundation for our Ecosystem, where Brands, shops and Athlete partecipate together.
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Purpose Coin Read more
WHAT IS PURPOSE COIN? The Purpose Coin is a way to use the blockchain technology to bring efficiency and transparency to the non profit community. A new way of thinking about how we help others.
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Trading Game Competition
Prize pot: 600 WMUT
Time left
300 WMUT
200 WMUT
100 WMUT
Top 5 Players Score Trend Date
svg-imageMuddflap 5,340 998 1,616 2,476 3,680 5,340 2019-05-11
cucicucacu 4,505 1,000 1,593 2,501 3,377 4,505 2019-05-04
micinz 4,162 998 1,481 1,948 2,991 4,162 2019-05-05
bitscheerful 3,637 1,000 1,247 1,931 2,286 3,637 2019-05-22
emiliacb 3,615 1,000 1,434 2,188 3,317 3,615 2019-05-03
Games 125 / Players 23
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INSTANTCOIN - exchange listing voting bonus! Visit
Vote for INSTANTCOIN to get listed on 2 exchanges and earn 10 INSTANTCOIN.
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Earn 100 WW to Join Plus 200 WW per Referral! Campaign ends after 1 million WW are earned.