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Papercoin Read more
Papercoin the cryptocurrency for paper and tobacco articles
3 votes
Relay Read more
RELAY offers services to combine the technology provided by Blockchain with the needs of the Manufacturing Industry
2 votes
ORGT Read more
ORGT is a lifestyle marketplace token that evolved out of the Organic Token Project! We promote healthy lifestyle and work like minded businesses that accept our token and those who share our values. We are also welcome projects to OrgtAlliance!
2 votes
Xandereum Read more
Xandereum is the native token for the Xanderian Institute— an online educational institute.
2 votes
Auctionlance Read more
Auctionlance is a P2P freelance platform where clients connect to freelancers smartly. Smart connect | smart contract | smart pay
2 votes
Asgcoin Read more
The nursery token payment system
1 votes
Epcoin Read more
Epcoin is alternative of other social media site. Here people can share him any quality content with everyone. When people like your content, art, photos etc. You will be rewarded for it.
1 votes
MoonBounties Token Read more
MoonBounties token is made with the purpose to reward the loyalty of all those that were with us from the beginning. Each person that owns MoonBounties token will get 1 percent bonus in EVERY bounty campaign he/she decides to participate.
1 votes
Soltanes Read more
Soltanes is a complementary currency generated by people’s contributions to community building projects. Soltanes is built on the truth that everyone has a need that anyone can meet.
1 votes
Tokes Read more
The Tokes Platform provides blockchain solutions for the cannabis industry.
1 votes
Trading Game Competition
Prize pot: 8.5K ARX
Time left
1.5K ARX
Top 5 Players Score Trend Date
svg-imageMuddflap 4,461 1,000 1,088 1,710 2,745 4,461 2019-10-17
KhAngReicy 4,065 1,000 1,559 2,188 2,794 4,065 2019-10-20
ksbbde 3,971 995 1,614 1,890 2,477 3,971 2019-10-20
JoSol 2,567 1,000 1,589 1,922 2,485 2,567 2019-10-15
svg-imagedpetzz 2,086 1,000 1,255 1,629 1,823 2,086 2019-10-17
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Games 53 / Players 6
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