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Soltanes Read more
Soltanes is a complementary currency generated by people’s contributions to community building projects. Soltanes is built on the truth that everyone has a need that anyone can meet.
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Incent Read more
Incent is a universal rewards program like no other. It's a reward that you can earn instantly, has no restrictions with the reward value redeemable anywhere.
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iC2S Music Rewards Read more
iC2S: Music Rewards Program! Reward Fans! Give Your Fans Exclusive Rewards & Merchandise! Let Them Save Tokens Up To Get Great Prizes! VIP Skype Calls! Exclusive Merchandise (T-Shirts,Hats,Ect)! Private Concert's & Much More!
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ForFun coin Read more
Community token with benefits for holders
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Monstrance Digital Art Studio Read more
We specialize in video-post production, web design, graphic design, animation, photography and copy writing.
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Purpose Coin Read more
WHAT IS PURPOSE COIN? The Purpose Coin is a way to use the blockchain technology to bring efficiency and transparency to the non profit community. A new way of thinking about how we help others.
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AGA Token Read more
AGA Tokens allow anyone to profit from cryptocurrency mining without the need to invest in expensive hardware and specialized mining facilities.
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Kolionovo Read more
We first made the transition from the virtual space blockchain technologies in real commodity production on the ground. The digital economy has been applied in our country economy, while showing a sustainable self-sufficient and independent model.
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Triplay coin Read more
Triplay starts with a complete suite of applications designed to take advantage of investment potentials that had never before been exploited within the sports industry from a professional investment point of view from a superb all-in-one platform
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ARCUS Read more
ARCUS is a platform that combines cryptocurrency and augmented reality. Mobile game: find containers, open and receive cryptocurrency.
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Prize pot: 8M SICA
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svg-image emiliacb 5,640 993 1,562 2,575 3,568 5,640 2019-02-12
svg-image micinz 5,581 998 1,472 2,349 3,547 5,581 2019-02-10
svg-image abazto 5,176 981 1,482 2,259 3,273 5,176 2019-02-12
svg-image idrisran 5,080 1,000 1,493 2,177 3,107 5,080 2019-02-09
svg-image KhAngReicy 4,970 1,000 1,497 2,208 3,142 4,970 2019-02-11
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