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WavesHome Club Read more
Projects based on the Waves blockchain. Lotteries, bets, informers, utilities and tools for working with Waves platform.
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Quantum Cash Read more
QCASH is an innovative custom token on the wavesplatform for cryptocurrency trading & QNC mining (POS/MN) The final aim is to move Quantum Cash (QCASH) to it’s Native Blockchain as QNODE COIN (QNC) to support POS & Master-nodes. QCASH:QNC = 1:10
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Quantum Pay Read more
The QPAY (Quantum Pay) is a verified stable coin that is fully backed with an audit-able full reserve of equal fiat at ratio 1:1 to the Nigerian-Naira (i.e. 1 QPAY = 1 NGN). Issued by QPAY Limited
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Incent QUALIFIED Read more
Incent is a universal rewards program like no other. It's a reward that you can earn instantly, has no restrictions with the reward value redeemable anywhere.
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ForFun coin Read more
Community token with benefits for holders
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Monstrance Digital Art Studio Read more
We specialize in video-post production, web design, graphic design, animation, photography and copy writing.
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Sportcash One Read more
Our project is a Platform for sport industry with safe transaction secured by a blockchain system, a Multivendor shop, a social network and a crowfunding are the fundation for our Ecosystem, where Brands, shops and Athlete partecipate together.
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Purpose Coin Read more
WHAT IS PURPOSE COIN? The Purpose Coin is a way to use the blockchain technology to bring efficiency and transparency to the non profit community. A new way of thinking about how we help others.
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Isotope Network Read more
Isotop Network (ISN) is the side-chain masternode token to QCASH on the wavesplatform for securing Distributed Blockchains Ledgers (e.g. $WAVES, $TN, $QNC, $LOGIS, $ZCOIN, $MARC, $PAWS, $DASH, $PIVX). Also, ISN is a Charity & Loyalty Reward token.
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AGA Token Read more
AGA Tokens allow anyone to profit from cryptocurrency mining without the need to invest in expensive hardware and specialized mining facilities.
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Trading Game Competition
Prize pot: 6 Waves
Time left
3 Waves
2 Waves
1 Waves
Top 5 Players Score Trend Date
knotz 5,206 1,000 1,554 2,409 3,595 5,206 2019-11-29
tombad 5,043 996 1,552 2,411 3,452 5,043 2019-11-05
svg-imageMuddflap 4,969 998 1,588 2,306 3,231 4,969 2019-12-06
ksbbde 4,444 976 1,561 2,113 2,813 4,444 2019-11-13
svg-imagebitscheerful 3,531 997 1,462 2,298 2,751 3,531 2019-11-28
Games 256 / Players 10
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