Aurelius (ARX)
Aurelius (ARX)
A Dentralized P2P Token!

Aurelius (ARX) is part of the WAVES family and serves to provide a stable, faster and secure way to trasfer your coins between two wallets. Our focus is in the transparancy, availability and lower fees, to show how easy and convenient it is to own some ARX Coin. Aurelius aims to collaborate in the coming months with other tokens, both on the Waves Dex platform and other available platforms to expand our ecosystem together and provide real services while growing whithin the comunity. Welcome to ARX

  • Tokens issued: 15,102,267
  • Token decimals: 8
Aurelius DEX trade info
1 Aurelius = 0.00000000 WAVES
1 Aurelius = 0.00000000 USD
Last traded amount 0.00
Current ask 0.00000000 Waves (amount 0.00)
Current bid 0.00000000 Waves (amount 0.00)

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