Axai Token
Axai Token
Axai is 1) A Loyalty Token to reward supporters who lease to our Waves Node WAT and Turtle Node AI mining. 2) A Utility Token to make purchases in Axai Marketplace ecosystem ads and listing. 3) A Membership token for KYC approved members.

Axachange is made to improve the experience of day to day use for trades.

  • Tokens issued: 289,999,939
  • Token decimals: 8
AxAi DEX trade info
1 AxAi = 0.00480000 WAVES
1 AxAi = 0.00508800 USD
Last traded amount 0.46
Current ask 0.00589990 Waves (amount 0.96)
Current bid 0.00480000 Waves (amount 24.57)


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