Coincierge Club
Coincierge Club
Coincierge Club offers very unique products (Club, Wallet and Pro), designed to interact with each other, yet provide value independently.
Coincierge Club

Coincierge Club is going to change how a user experiences Las Vegas. Paired with its parent company, Crypto-Cash Hub, users begin their vacation months prior by visiting our forum and posting questions related to our Coin and services. When the user is ready, they download our app and exchange their home currency for our coin. At this point, human verification via one of our Coincierges follows. As an account member with a positive balance, you are entitled to 24/7 VIP Coincierge support. Our hosts can provide additional on the ground support as needed. When the user arrives in Las Vegas, they proceed with their planned events. When it comes time to execute the sale, the user scans a QR code provided by the venue, specifies the amount needed and hits send. Our Coin will be accepted at all major nightclubs to start, eventually rolling out to every slot machine, restaurant, hotel, parking lot, and integrating with applications like Uber and Lyft.

  • Tokens issued: 999,999,976
  • Token decimals: 8
1 Coincierge Club = 0.00198000 WAVES
1 Coincierge Club = 0.00522720 USD

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