The Kolin platform was created for becoming a bridge between different cultures, languages and also to ease access to education. Thus, Kolin platform will become an agent of change by creating the first decentralized centre for translation and information exchange.

Kolin born as an acronym of "Konscienco Lingvo" which in Esperanto means "Conscious Language" making reference to the universality of language and to the need of consciousness in technical language.

  • Tokens issued: 3,000,000,000
  • Token decimals: 2
Kolin DEX trade info
1 Kolin = 0.00000200 WAVES
1 Kolin = 0.00000524 USD
Last traded amount 2,000,000.00
Current ask 0.00000900 Waves (amount 4,807,020.23)
Current bid 0.00000390 Waves (amount 977,320.51)