RELAY offers services to combine the technology provided by Blockchain with the needs of the Manufacturing Industry

Powered by Waves Technology. RELAY is your synergistic approach to blockchain utilization in the manufacturing industry. By providing a layer of DLT, RELAY can assist is such areas involving, but not limited to: - Data Management - Logistics and Supply Chain verification - Material Certification - IoT Communication - Secured and Open Source Intellectual Property - Cloud Databases - Secure Payment Transactions & Invoices RELAY is the 1st technology offering provided by AdvancedTDS

  • Tokens issued: 50,000,000,000
  • Token decimals: 8
RELAY DEX trade info
1 RELAY = 0.00000139 WAVES
1 RELAY = 0.00000209 USD
Last traded amount 1,072.26
Current ask 0.00000149 Waves (amount 832,672.79)
Current bid 0.00000050 Waves (amount 10,000.00)

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