Signature Chain
Signature Chain
SignatureChain's platform allows users to certify files with ease, permitting users to confirm these files with their digital signature created by a cryptographic hash function.

Final aim is to create a platform and applications that allow people to link any kind of scanned document to our own blockchain.

  • Tokens issued: 4,924,018,695
  • Token decimals: 8
SICA DEX trade info
1 SICA = 0.00000000 WAVES
1 SICA = 0.00000000 USD
Last traded amount 0.00
Current ask 0.00000000 Waves (amount 0.00)
Current bid 0.00000000 Waves (amount 0.00)


SICA uses #WavesPlatform's power to ensure the existence and authencity of electronic files.