Wavesnode.NET Token
Wavesnode.NET Token
We are providing a professional node on the Waves Platform, hosted in our own datacenter. If you are holding Waves in your liteclient, you can lend them with the LPOS system to our big node.

Wavesnode.NET is the official token for all Wavesnode.NET services. Traded on DEX as WNET.

  • Tokens issued: 9,999,973
  • Token decimals: 8
Wavesnode.NET DEX trade info
1 Wavesnode.NET = 0.00530053 WAVES
1 Wavesnode.NET = 0.00651965 USD
Last traded amount 110.00
Current ask 0.00630000 Waves (amount 20,000.00)
Current bid 0.00551050 Waves (amount 2,750.00)

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