Waves World
Waves World
Waves World is an incentive based ecosystem. Waves World Token is a Reward given for value added contributions to the community, or leasing to the Waves World node. Our services are designed to engage and reward both our direct supporters and beyond.
Waves World qualified

WavesWorld Token is the internal Currency of WavesWorld.io. Waves World offers AirDrop services for Waves Tokens, a full Waves Leasing Node, with much more to come. Come visit us at WavesWorld.io and Waves Platform Cryptocurrency Club for the latest updates.

  • Tokens issued: 999,975,807
  • Token decimals: 0
Waves World DEX trade info
1 Waves World = 0.00000000 WAVES
1 Waves World = 0.00000000 USD
Last traded amount 0.00
Current ask 0.00000000 Waves (amount 0.00)
Current bid 0.00000000 Waves (amount 0.00)


Reward tokens can be spent in the Waves World Marketplace!