laura The Prediction Game

Predict the future price of Waves and win the pot.

If you have 0.1 Waves and verified your address you can enter the game.

Predict the price of Waves in USD and when the blue timer ends, the best prediction will win the prize pot. All players contribute 0.1 Waves to the prize pot*. If more than 1 person has the same prediction, the prize will be split. Entry closes when the green timer ends.

* 90% of the entry money is paid out to the winner(s). 10% is reserved by Waves Mania for future development and activities. Waves price will be based on the api price and a screenshot will be captured at exactly the finish time and posted in the community .

logo Current game status
Player Prediction Transaction id
1knotz3.05 USD9wC4bgLUdud3fw16rvxxZAz2Uo51t25GmDfC6EruBfE1
2emiliacb2.75 USD97b7FpyDMRHWB1oi55wVjBMqcJnVdVkLkRUCWv2ujvSM
3micinz2.72 USDCNdUHYp1xLG6dWsrsEmVtTXydYh5eeWGDMf9G3Xw5yad